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Environment – Other Projects

  • Community Planning Project: Bushland Management Strategy and Plans of Management for Queanbeyan (NSW) and surrounds. Financed under the Australian Federal Government Save the Bush Program. This project received a Planning Institute of Australia (PIA-ACT) award for Community Planning and a national PIA commendation for Community Development
  • Bio-diversity Project: Huvalu Forest, Niue (UNDP-GEF, SPBCP): Mapping of conservation area boundaries and monitoring plots; tailoring of land capability data for the conservation area and community engagement for the eventual Resource Management Plan. Training of Environment Unit staff in the use of GIS technologies for natural resource management
  • Water Quality and Quantity assessments, reporting and Environmental Management Plans(EMPs) for the Sherrin Sand Quarry, Corooiba, Noosa, Queensland
  • ACT and Queanbeyan District, NSW: Woodlands and native grassland community vegetation surveys and mapping, under ‘Save the Bush’ program
  • Marine Reserves Niue: Natural resource survey and assessment of reef conditions of the Niue fringe reefs. GIS data layers and nomination of marine protected area boundaries
  • Joint presentation with AAM Hatch on the use of GIS and RS for emerging needs: Mine subsidence assessment & monitoring; landscape assessments for approvals management, carbon & biodiversity offset needs & enhancing corporate social responsibility. Presentation given at an industry workshop, Moranbah, Queensland
  • Pacific Environment Outlook, 2005, for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Nairobi, Kenya;
  • Initial Advice to major Coal mine operation (commercial in confidence) regarding their large Coal mine expansion in SEQ, on-site management and determining of a pathway to expand under present permits/licenses. Work was preliminary to their major EIA for full mine expansion
  • Niue Forest Policy: committee member and author of papers on Land Use and Forestry Interaction & Land Tenure and Forestry
  • Project Manager, State of the Environment Report of Wagga Wagga City Council. Reviewed by the Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies (CRES) – Australian National University (ANU) for the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) – nominated in the top 10 of 190 SoE Reports completed Australia wide;
  • Rapid Creek, Darwin, NT: Project management of an Aquatic Ecology study using Chessman’s Rapid Bio-assessment Technique, for the Department of Defence –RAAF Base Darwin via GHD Pty Ltd
  • Review of the EIS for a Hard Rock Quarry for the NSW Commission of Inquiry under the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979 (as amended). The 500,000m³/annum quarry located at Sutton, Yarrowlumla Shire Council, NSW – was subject to much community and cross-border conflict (adjacent to the ACT border)
  • Preliminary Environmental Investigations for numerous properties throughout QLD and NSW, reporting on Federal, State, Regional and Local environmental planning implications. Locations: Bundaberg, Bowen, Beerburrum, Beerwah, Glass House Mountains, Maleny, Kilcoy, Eumundi, Doonan, Newcastle (NSW).
  •  With UNDP-GEF (New York) facilitate the Sustainable Land Management (SLM) programme design and Global Environment Facility (GEF) approval for SLM projects for Pacific Island Countries (PICs);
  • Design and distribute MSP template for project design to access funds under the Global UNDP-GEF SLM programme. Undertake country project design (or provide key assistance) in 6 PICs;
  • Review of EIA and SEA in the Pacific Island Countries 2000-2005, for the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), a regional agency owned by the 21 Pacific countries and territories;
  • Environmental Planning advice for the Federal Department of Defence – RAAF: on Delamere Weapons Range Base, Katherine 1996, Department of Defence, Canberra;
  • Design and Management of Environmental Investigations for a ‘Notice of Intent’ : RAAF Base Darwin Post Force Structure Review Development Works, 1995 GHD for Federal Department of Defence;
  • Niue: Drafting of the Environmental Management Bill, to cover integrated land use planning and include climate change adaptation and Environmental Impact Assessment provisions for decision-making
  • Department of Defence: Advice of adequacy and status of Public Environment Reports (Federal EIA Act 1992) and advice on heritage and ecological matters, Darwin RAAF Base
  • Project Manager: Queanbeyan Environmental Planning Study; State Rail Authority (NSW), including a Contaminated land assessment
  • Land Capability Assessments for Effluent Disposal, for various Rural Residential and Alpine Resort Developments, NSW. Including water, chemical & nutrient balance modelling;
  • Environmental Assessment for ACTEW’s Canberra City West Sewage Overflow Storage facilities, for GHD
  • Soil and Water Management Plan for an Abandoned Arsenic Mine, Northern Rivers region, NSW
  • Development of a Land Capability model for Niue: tied to a GIS and relational database system
  • Mapping and GIS layer development for the. Developed the GIS system as part of the Land & Marine Resource Use Planning Project initially (AusAID & Govt of Niue), with further refinement under the NZAID Niue Land Management project
  • Remote Sensing: Training in registration, Interpretation and classification of satellite images, with SOPAC, 2001-2005
  • Land use change mapping using air photo interpretation (API) and remote sensing, Queanbeyan City, for Planning Scheme review;
  • Use of GIS and remote sensing for Landscape appraisals for local environmental studies in support of rezoning or development applications – NSW
  • Review of the use of GIS and LIS in Pacific Island Countries, as part of the PIFS Land Management and Conflict Minimization Program, 2007-08.
  • Marine Reserves: natural resource survey and assessment of reef conditions – to determine a rapid assessment technique using shell-fish indicators, Niue
  • Design of the GIS framework to suit Niue’s State of the Environment Reporting and Environmental Planning (UNEP/EAP-AP & SPREP program)
  • Review of GIS and spatial data management capacity, Timor Leste, as part of Protected Areas project

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