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Land Use

Land use planning is as much about equity in access and benefit sharing from development, as it is in place making. Good systems can reduce land and environmental related conflict and provide the certainty and confidence in community development processes, needed for sustainable development. Good land use plans and strategies are built on community engagement and visioning, can accommodate climate change adaptation as well as disaster risk reduction ambitions – and cement agreed pathways for sustainable development.

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Many communities do not differentiate between their cultural and social well-being and the environment about them. Good environmental planning, assessment and management can help with sustainable social and economic development. Assessments, policies, plans and designs all need to be integrated and be based on both ecological, physical and social science. Good strategic assessments linked with early community engagement reduces conflict in decision-making and can lead to outcomes which help governments and industry.

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Rather than a balancing trick, understanding the interdependencies and trade-off options between the social, cultural, environmental and economic aspects of development requires deep understanding and experience in each of the arenas.

It is about seeing the big picture (‘thinking globally) but knowing how to act on the ground (‘acting locally’) – and being able to introduce implementation mechanisms that provide the nexus between these scales [dimensions]. Ongoing community collaborations are essential.

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Development feasibilities, assessments, audits, designs and management – need to be grounded on characterized data and information, sound experience and skills across multi-technical disciplines and an understanding of the range of legal and regulatory frameworks across jurisdictions.
Not only do we need to know what technical methods and approaches to use, but how and when they are to be applied – to assist with timely, effective approval & permitting as well as successful outcomes on the ground.

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Town Planning, Environmental Management & Sustainable Development.


Planning for sustainable development.

The Planning 4 Sustainable Development team have been providing town planning, environmental management & sustainable development advice, policy and design solutions since 1995. We have a strong commitment to CommUNITY and our cross-disciplinary experience, knowledge and expertise has enabled us to offer ‘cradle-to-the-grave’ development services here in Australia and overseas. We have designed global programmes and assisted many UN organs in the delivery of their capacity building projects. We regularly advise governments on sustainable development policy, NRM and land use law, decision-making and implementation frameworks. We provide strategic mechanisms and assist businesses, communities and individuals to design responses that are consistent with their development ambitions and sustainable development principles. Read more

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  • We assist the business sector in pursuing economic, environmental and socially responsible outcomes through their developments.
  • Our community development work focusses on ensuring programmes and projects deliver nurtured and long-lasting capacity building for sustainable community lifestyles.
  • We help governments provide the strategic frameworks for better decision-making and delivery of services.

Integrating environment and development systems is the key to the pursuit of sustainable development”