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About us

Planning 4 Sustainable Development (P4SD), is a unique network of specialist consultants who deliver people-orientated solutions to development and environmental matters.


We specialize in policy planning, research, technical assessments, designs and capacity building -servicing businesses, governments and communities pursuing sustainable development outcomes.

Key team members have been involved in land use, development and sustainability work in Australia and overseas for over 30 years. Our work has ranged from development planning and designs, to impact assessments, to the formulation of sustainable development policy and strategies for countries, the negotiation of sustainability text for UN organs, capacity reviews for international organizations and the design and implementation of land use planning systems.

Our business model is designed to ensure that we are quick reacting, geographically flexible and honest with our commitment of resources. The people you meet will be the people working on your project. We are professionals who believe in the pursuit of integrated planning approaches for sustainable development.

Key Team Members

MattMatt McIntyre – Director. BA (Planning), UniSA; Grad. Dip. Natural Resource Management (UC), Masters of Environmental Management (UNE).

Matt has been a practicing land use and environmental planner for 30 years. He has worked in a number of states and territories about Australia at all levels of government and in the private sector. His Project and Programme Management experience covers: integrated environmental assessments, land use planning, landscape analysis, environmental policy development; approvals management, institutional reviews, capacity needs assessments, monitoring and evaluation and community engagement processes. Matt has over 17 year’s international experience having worked with international agencies including a number of UN agencies. He has generated international programs in sustainable land management and continues with capacity development projects in developing countries of the Asia-Pacific region. His knowledge of laws, policies, guidelines and technical methods transcends land use, environmental and development matters across multi-jurisdictions. He is therefore able to offer his clients the best constructive advice for the most complex of development situations.

FranFran Toomey – Economic Development Specialist. BA (Hons) Geography, Reading University, Grad. Dip. Natural Resources (UNE)

Frances is an experienced policy analyst and strategic land use planner specialising in economic development, land use and infrastructure planning, and urban regeneration. She has a strong background in socio-economic analysis, policy and governance, and community engagement. She is experienced in developing and managing large budget externally-funded programs, including business support; carbon reduction; energy efficiency and social inclusion. She has held senior management roles in local government in Australia and the UK, most recently in economic development and urban renewal in the south east of England. Frances has worked on a number of climate change policy and development finance initiatives, including administering a program of business grants and loans, and assessing capacity for climate change finance in Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS). She is also experienced in establishing and operating successful public-private partnerships (PPP) to deliver housing and infrastructure for regeneration and growth areas.


KariKari Martin – Environmental Planning Specialist. BA/BSc Planning and Environmental Science (USC), Certificate in Environmental Engineering – Renewable Energy Sources (IWU, Kassel, Germany)

Kari is a Land Use and Environmental Planner specialising is strategic planning, climate change adaptation, sustainable environmental management, ecotourism development and 3D climate change modelling. Her background involves working for both the private and public sectors primarily in environmentally focused roles. Kari spent two and a half years living and working in the Pacific where she was involved with several climate change adaptation projects and tourism product development work. She has experience in development assessment, project design, development management and implementation and climate change policy development. She has excellent skills in the areas of relationship building, cross-cultural communication, policy analysis, GIS and capacity development training.

JimJim Gall – Sustainability Architect. BSc (Hons), Australian Environmental Studies (Griffith), B Arch (Hons1) (QUT)

Jim Gall, of Gall Architects, has degrees in both Environmental Science and Architecture. This allows him to contribute valuable thinking to the areas of sustainability, community visioning, climate change responses and biophysical, social and economic resilience. He has more than 25 years’ experience in architecture and design at a range of scales from urban planning, design projects to landscape analysis. His projects have received numerous awards in architecture, design and sustainability. Jim has a very high level of visual, written and verbal communication skills and an ability to communicate with a wide range of people including students, local communities, government bodies, businesses and stakeholders. Most recently he has been involved in cutting edge work on low carbon and resilient urban development in Queensland and in Samoa where he is assisting with the Apia City Development Strategy. He is also assisting the Samoa Tourism Authority who are aiming to increase the resilience of small-scale operators in their tourism development areas about Upolu and Savaii.

JohnJohn Wightman – Rural Resources Specialist. BSc (Hons IIA) Zoology (University of Wales, UK), MSc DIC Applied Entomology (Imperial College, London), PhD Agriculture (University of Bristol, UK), Post-doctoral studies in Dept Zoology Oxford as Visiting Scientist.

John specializes in Natural Resource and Agricultural Development as well as International Pest Management. He has worked extensively in Asia Pacific and African countries assisting with strategies, technical assessments and capacity development. He has a background and qualifications in zoology, entomology, agriculture and ecological energetics.

John specializes in the management of agricultural and natural terrestrial ecosystems, particularly the sustainable management of insects and pathogens, invasive plant species (weeds), vertebrates (rats), molluscs (snails) and plant diseases.. He is recognized as an expert in the early identification and mitigation of the impact of invasive species entering new habitats. His focus is more on avoiding pest problems by redesigning agricultural landscapes and less on pesticide application. His recent work has considered the implication of climate change on the incidence of invasive species as well as the use of oil producing plants (e.g. the Pongamia tree) for dessertification and coastal stabilization initiatives. Oil producing trees and shrubs have a place inland to or integral with mangrove rehabilitation schemes to increase environmental resilience, as well as providing an option for securing carbon credits.

Why Us

We are a boutique multi-disciplinary consultancy able to offer innovative solutions to complex development and environmental management matters. We not only have experience across a range of fields but have produced leading outputs and outcomes in the international arena. We take a ‘whole of landscape’ approach to our technical work and focus on people-orientated solutions in our planning, research and policy initiatives. Many of us have grown up in, lived or worked in small and remote communities in Australia, about South-east Asia and the Pacific and have an affinity with the needs of communities. We ensure our projects are undertaken with nurtured capacity building in mind with outputs that are conducive to continued engagement between communities, business and government.


We have existed as a company since 1995, operating in various forms in domestic and international arenas in association with government agencies, industry, community groups, consulting companies, bilateral and multilateral donor organizations (including the UN).
The principal players involved in P4SD, each have over 30 year’s experience in the sustainable development fields. We have worked in multi-jurisdictions on policy, technical and operational projects: from urban development to environmental assessments for rocket launch sites; national policy reviews, strategy development and capacity building initiatives. We offer cutting edge approaches to community development, land use planning and natural resource management.


We build teams with an association of specialists covering natural resource management, land use and environmental planning, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, agriculture, rural development, coastal management, water management, sustainable economic development and community engagement and capacity building. All specialists in our network are fully qualified professionals who believe in the pursuit of integrated planning approaches for sustainable development.

Our work therefore often covers a mix of elements:

  • Policy research & development
  • Technical assessments & design
  • Institutional development, and
  • Community & Individual capacity building.

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