Our Team

Committed to you and each other

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Matt McIntyre


Matt was the founder of P4SD in 1995. He started with the vision to use whole of landscape approaches to development and environmental management. Under his guidance P4SD pivoted to focus on using innovation and collaborative frameworks to pursue sustainable economic and community developement.


Kari Martin

Lead Environmental Planning

Kari specialises in environmental planning, climate change adaptation, renewable energy strategies, ecotourism and 3D climate change modelling. She has experience in development assessment, project design, climate change analysis, cross-cultural communication and GIS.

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Fran Toomey

Lead Economic Development

Experienced and dedicated to new ways of approaching planning and economic development. Frances skills and knowledge range from infrastructure planning, urban regeneration, socio-economic analysis, policy and governance. She provides business case development, advice on development finance options and means to institute regeneration and renewal projects. Frances has been involved in carbon analysis, energy efficiency, successful public-private partnerships (PPP) and social mobility projects.


John Wightman

Lead Agriculture & rural development

John has travelled the world – from working with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) to delivering projects across Australia. He specializes in insects and pathogens, invasive plant species (weeds), vertebrates (rats), molluscs (snails) and plant diseases. He is an expert in early identification and mitigation of alien invasive species, designing responses built on improving ecological balance and use of non-chemical alternatives. In the rural development arena he has worked on the use of oil producing plants as part of carbon, land restoration and rehabilitation projects. This has led to related ecosystem based adaptation work  as part of resilience building initiatives.


Jim Gall

Lead Design Intervention

Jim Gall, of Gall Architects, has degrees in both Environmental Science and Architecture. This allows him to contribute valuable thinking to the areas of sustainability, community visioning, climate change responses and resilience building. He has more than 27 years’ experience in architecture, urban design and planning as well as landscape analysis. He has been involved in cutting edge work on low carbon and resilient urban development in Queensland and in Samoa where he assisted P4SD with the Apia City Resilience Development Strategy. Jim was also involved in the Samoa Tourism Authority project designed by P4SD which aimed to increase the resilience of small-scale tourism operations (160) about the two big islands of Upolu and Savaii